6-7 July
5th Meeting of Living Statues of Águeda
Saturday- 16H00-18H30 - Avenue Dr. Eugénio Ribeiro
Sunday- 15H30-18H30 - Downtown

The International Meeting of Living Statues of Águeda will be held once again in the first weekend of AgitÁgueda. In addition to the presence of the best national artists, we will have 6 international "Statues", coming from countries like Spain, Israel, Ukraine, among others.
As a proposal to integrate the young population of Águeda to this event, this year will be held simultaneously the 1st Meeting of Living Statues "Junior" whose theme will be "The Environment". About 10 young people from 12 to 14 years of age living in the Municipality will participate. These new artists will receive a preparation training with art teachers and two professional Artists of the area, namely António Santos, Statue Man for more than 30 years and world record holder of Immobility. In this Workshop, which will take place 2 weeks before the event, students will learn plastic techniques of fact elaboration, representation and physical and mental preparation. As always, the professional artists will be in competition, so we count on your presence to vote for your favorite "Statue".