6-21 July
Leunam Circus
Saturday 6- 18H00 - Park Alta Vila
Sunday 7- 18H00 - Park Alta Vila
Saturday 13- 18H00 - Park Alta Vila
Sunday 14- 18H00 - Park Alta Vila
Saturday 20- 18H00 - Park Alta Vila
Sunday 21- 18H00 - Park Alta Vila

The last generation of the LEUNAM family goes through the story of the clown Rabanete, the main character of the show and his trip to the East. With an aesthetic rooted in the classics that marked the traditional circus in the 80's and 90's in Portugal, the show stands out for its energetic rigor and dynamics, bringing a bit of the history of the traditional circus to Águeda, by presenting the classic numbers that marked the time.
The show consists of the numbers of clown, illusionism, fakirism, oriental fantasies, spinning dishes, juggling, fire and other attractions, golden years, circus LEUNAM.
Challenged by AGITlab, during 3 weekends, the family of artists, incorporates international artists of the residence, in their shows, so that in the last weekend of the festival AGITÁGUEDA, a unique spectacle is created especially, involving artists and young people local of Águeda, international invited artists and the family of the traditional circus, in which it is intended to be an original creation of unique presentation in Águeda, made of the artistic synergies constellated in the heart of the AGITlab residences.

Price 5€