27 July
Hamza Elalouani
Saturday- 18H00 - Town Square

Contemporary circus centered on Cyr wheel technique.
Hamza Elalouani was the new winner of the promotion 7 of the Shems'y National Circus School (MOROCCO), Hamza is an expert in object manipulation and Cyr wheel, practices of the contemporary circus.
During his career, he was both a dancer, acrobat, bearer, interpreter and workshop leader. He also became involved in very different universes, such as mime, puppet theater and theater. It was during a period of training for several months at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and Cultural Animations (ISADAC) in Rabat, which experienced theatrical improvisation, the incarnation of characters, the transmission of emotions and the theater of objects.
Recently, he participated in two Franco-Moroccan tours with the performance "Chess and Masts" of the company Fabrique des Petites Utopies and participated in the Festival KARACENA in the show "Massira" by Fatym Layachi and Yacine Ait Benhassi.