23 July
III Encontro de Fanfarras
(Organização: Associação Fanfarra Káustika)


Fárróbódó - 10h30 > 11h15
Funk You Brass Band - 11h00 > 11h45


Fárróbódó - 14h30 > 15h15
Kumpania Algazarra - 15h00 > 15h45
Funk You Brass Band - 15h30 > 16h15
Kumpania Algazarra - 16h15 > 16h45

Everyone in the tent: 17h00 > 17h45

Third meeting, three fanfares!
The fanfare music returns to Águeda and parades through the streets of the city during the day. With an appointment scheduled for AgitÁgueda's tent at 5pm, the rhythm, the animation and the good mood will not be lacking in the final stretch of the festival.

Party guaranteed!