10 July
Sunday - 15H00

Artist/Company - Nuvem Voadora
Nationality - Portugal
Duration - 50 minutos
Location - Parque Alta Vila

See those typical bandstands in the squares of every village or city, where the philharmonic bands played and people gathered around for meetings and conversations? Well, the Circoreto show is almost that, it even tries to be an inauguration of one of these iconic circular spaces, but because of trying and failing, it turns into multiple things, both comical and surreal.
On the 10th of July, the protagonists of the “Circoreto” will be with their structure, in Parque de Alta Vila, showing their zero experience in the opening of bandstands and all their talent in making a sensorial spectacle happen, crossing the languages of clown, circus acrobatics, music and poetry.
The latest show by Companhia Nuvem Voadora has just come out of the oven of an artist residency in Águeda, and is a tribute to the cultural and social role of bandstands on a local scale and a passionate manifesto on the democratization of culture.