09/10 July
Yee Haw
Saturday - 17H30
Sunday - 16H00

Artist/Company - La Banda de Otro
Nationality - Espanha
Duration - 50 minutos
Location - Casa do Adro

If, by chance, you pass by Casa do Adro, on the 9th and 10th of July, and hear a “Yee Haw”, don't be alarmed. It is not a cowboy arriving from the most inhospitable deserts of Texas to plunder the city of Águeda, but the conquering cry of three musical clowns with outlaw impulses.
No matter how hard they try, the protagonists of this “Yee Haw” will never be the bad guys of the old West. We can say that the guitar chords and juggling techniques dominate much more than the weapons they wear around their waists. At a gallop, straight from Andalusia, the Banda de Otro group presents us with this Western circus, to the sound of Country, Ragtime, Bluegrass and laughter.