09/10 July
Por um Giz
Saturday/Sunday - 10H00-19H00
Artist/Company - Vários Artistas
Nationality - Itália
Location - Largo Dr. António Breda
During the 9th and 10th of July, anyone who passes through Largo Dr. António Breda could be led to deception, or rather, to self-deception, through the ephemeral three-dimensional art of the artists Fabíola Branca, Cuboliquido and Valentina Sforzini. All Italians, they dedicate their lives to Madonnari painting, the Italian technique of street painting using chalk, pastel and anamorphic perspective that creates immersive images through a fascinating virtual volume effect. The multi-awarded artists have already taken their art to countless geographies and, now, they coincide in Águeda, in the performance “Por Um Giz”.