09 July
Saturday - 15H30

Artist/Company - Duo Ka'ygua
Nationality - Argentino
Duration - 30 minutos
Location - Largo Dr. António Breda

We have the feeling that, after watching the show “Pintórica”, you will never look at the act of painting in the same way again. It will be the fault of two contemporary Argentine artists who were plotting this new performance in an artistic residency in Águeda, during the last month of May.
She is Lucía Merlino, he is Facundo Gabriel Combina, together they form the Duo Ka'yagua and cross unlikely areas such as circus acrobatics, visual arts and lots of music to set the pace. Feet, hands, graceful movements, joy and splashes of visual poetry will compose a truly expressionist painting, integrated in a very own artistic current, so unique that only Duo Ka’yagua belongs.
“Pintórica” presents itself to the world, in general, and to AgitÁgueda, in particular, on Saturday, July 9, at Largo Dr. Antonio Breda. The painting, resulting from this moment, will remain next to the Marques Castilho Secondary School.