09/10 July
Do Outro Lado
Saturday/Sunday - 14H30

Artist/Company - Zanguango Teatro
Nationality - Espanha
Duration - 60 minutos
Location - Av. Dr. Eugénio Ribeiro

One thing is certain in the street show “Do Outros Lado”: when the stage is set, if it is not the person who is watching the show, it is very likely that it is the person who is being the involuntary character of the show. . The sharp and humorous look of the “reporters” of everyday life, happening in real time, is a celebration of the small-big details that connect us in all our humanity. In 2020, Zanguango Teatro won the Max 2020 award for best street show with this original way of telling stories. On the next 9th and 10th of July, they will open the curtains of their world to the streets of Águeda for all of us to be part of it.