08/09 July
Body Painting
Saturday - 15H00 - Parque Alta Vila
Saturday/Sunday - 16H30 - Baixa

Body painting has a very long tradition throughout the world, taking modern bodypainting movement great strength.
Artists from 6 different countries will do their best to stun and entertain visitors in Agitágueda with a high quality art creating a special experience for the city.

Bodypainting is an ephemeral art and before being washed, it has to be captured. It has an intimate connection with photography and has influenced the development within this discipline of a new genre. The body takes center stage and so also in 2017 there will be presenting creative ways to paint and decorate the body.
There will also be a workshop with one of the invited artists, to be held in the Parque da Alta Vila, on July 8th.


The exhibition is curated by Vilija Vitkutė.