08/09 July
Escrever um Rio (Performance & Videomapping)
Friday/Saturday - 22H00

Artist/Company - Vórtice
Nationality - Portugal
Duration - 20 minutos
Location - Edifício do Tribunal

Identity and tradition generate this unique show to awaken the five senses. A performance-show touring the Municipalities of Águeda, Idanha-a-Nova, Óbidos, São Pedro do Sul and Seia. In each of the municipalities, the show reinvents itself and takes on a new form, as it seeks to convey the soul of each culture. In Águeda, he travels through the streets, feels the intoxicating and inspiring energy of this city, full of colors and emotions and is inspired by the sensations that art causes in people. "Escrever um Rio" crosses different artistic languages, namely dance, music and videomapping.