08/09 July
Lembra-te de Mim
Saturday/Sunday - 17H00 - Praça do Município

The installation / performance / memory "REMEMBER ME FROM ME" is an exploration of the current theme of the transformation of historical centers, linked to the artist's personal experience. The memories of childhood, of clothes to dry, hanging in the streets, by the romanticize of everyday life. The installation consists of a series of bets lifted and interconnected by ropes. In each rope are shirts, totaling 150, hanging from local groups weaving the social network of the city. The image of clothes to dry, center alive in the memory, invites the public to a space, almost metaphysical, immersive and reflective, of unconscious zones of the society. The facility is inspired by the day to day life of the city and by the people make its history.

Art Direction and Performance Paulina Almeida
Escenografic - Bruno Capucho
Location - Águeda
Photos - Marilyn Marques
Video - Vanessa Fernandes - https://vimeo.com/218758700
Music - Hugo Branco

In each location, the performance / performance of the facility gains new content, and in Águeda the idea is to remember the soccer field that existed where the CMA is now. This first place has multiplied and now is represented by several clubs and sports groups, which are part of the network of the city. The idea is to create a meeting place, remember and redo memories of the place, starting point of creation.