02/03 July
7th Meeting of Living Statues in Águeda
01 Saturday- 11H00-12H00
Location - Mercado Municipal
01 Saturday- 16H30-19H30
Location - Ruas da Cidade
02 Sunday- 16H30-19H30
Location - City Streets
Discover the magic of Living Statues in Águeda! Bringing together some of the world's finest artists, this festival will showcase 15 performances, including: John Eicke, winner of the World Living Statues Championship and artistic director, with his iconic work "Blanko." Wayne Scoot, one of the first living statue artists in the world, hailing from the United Kingdom, presenting his original creation "Windman." António Santos, a pioneer in this art form and the world record holder for immobility, leads the "Brigade of Colors," an incredible itinerant performance. Guilherme Ferreira presents his captivating creation, the "Romantic Singer." The audience decides the top three statues of the event! Don't miss the opportunity to vote and be enchanted by this unique art. Join us and live an unforgettable experience!