01 July

Yuga Hatta
Yuga Hatta's work floats between an ethereal sensibility of a very thin paper that wants to be a cloud and a deep thought that does not ignore the foam of the days, because it is that foam that is made the ocean where you want to dive, feeling the unknown.

Cecilia Borettaz
Cecilia explore the bounderies between tradition and trasmission using poetry, storytelling, painting and installation. Her research follows the inter-relation of cultural traditions in mutation, that develop to form a hybrid identity. I investigate how those identities could be handed down. My focus is concentrate on the building of handicraft that produce other printing techniques, inspiried by traditional painting techniques. Evolves a collection of biographical texts, recordings, photos and images from archives.

Date: 1 to 23 of July

Schedule: from 16H00 to 22H00

Duration: 6 hours

Place: Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho

Audience: M/6

Description: AGITstudio will be dedicated to contemporary art, politics and transcendence. The question investigates the intersection of art, political-social theory and environmental activism. The focus is on current geopolitical practices and discourses in the circle of Japan and Europe. Guest artists approach new aesthetic strategies through which current themes - including but not limited to the multifaceted political crisis - have found resonance and creative response in one's artistic practice and visual culture. The series of facilities will be developed during the month of June in the Parque da Alta Vila and presented in space IVV.