01 July
Legitimizing the relevance of the public space as a place of interest for the enrichment of enriching activities in the local socio-cultural context, CMA proposes to dynamize the garden of the newly activated Alta Vila's creation space, for its dissemination and intervention, betting on its affirmation as a platform Taking into account the characteristics and potential of its form and function.

AGITgarden will be open from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. during the AgitÁgueda from July 1 to 23, in the public space of the Alta Vila garden, where activities will be developed to promote the national and international circulation of artists, the training and development of the public The dissemination and capture of new markets or professional opportunities for emerging artists coming mainly from abroad, the parallel creation of networks and the celebration of exchanges with other emerging projects and international and national avant-garde cultural spaces, the promotion and Encourage the involvement of invited artists in other cultural, pedagogical or scientific activities to be carried out in the context of complementary or independent programming in the context of the space, providing with this involvement more disciplinary crossings in the framework of the activities carried out by the project.