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Places to Visit IN ÁGUEDA


Visit Águeda and explore one of the largest lagoons in the Iberian Peninsula!

Pateira, the former natural reserve of the municipality of Águeda, is an important wetland of national and international interest, which is classified as Zona RAMSAR, NATURA 2000 (Special Protection Zone and Site of Community Importance of the Ria de Aveiro ). In this lagoon, there are habitats, ecosystems and species with national and international protection status. Very sought after place for birdwatching, sport fishing, nature photography, sports and outdoor activities, where hiking is highlighted.

Discover what is locally known as the “enchanted lagoon”!

Typical Village of Alcába Macieira

Visit Águeda ... discover the traditions and live the nature!

Discover the village of Macieira de Alcôba, its memories since the Middle Ages, the evolution of the occupation of the land, the irrigation, eiras, granaries, mills and constructions with which the corn shaped the traditional landscape. He knows the works of corn and local traditions, in their material and symbolic aspects. Visit the Interpretive Center of the Old Corn, the mills, levadas and grindstone recovered. It walks along the pedestrian paths (among the best in the country) and points of interest and meets, at each corner, the dominant presence of the mountains, culture and gastronomy in this typical village on the slopes of Caramulo.

Railway Museum of Macinhata do Vouga

Visit Águeda and discover the heritage!

The Museum Space of Macinhata do Vouga, located in the second station of the branch of Sernada to Aveiro, occupies the old facilities adapted for the purpose.

In the patent exhibition, you will be able to appreciate an important estate of the national railway companies and Vouga Valley. The trip to the Museum can be made by train in Vouguinha through the picturesque Vouga line, the only branch line that is still operating in Portugal.

Dionísio Pinheiro and Alice Cardoso Foundation

Visit Águeda and discover history and art!

The Foundation Museum has six permanent exhibition halls and a temporary exhibition hall. Most of the pieces of art that constitute the Foundation’s museum treasure, which has a vast and surprising collection of paintings, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, ivories and silver, belong to the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Works of previous times.

Railways and water parks

Visit Águeda and discover unique places!

Águeda challenges you, on foot or by bike, to visit its natural heritage, touring the various river parks and rails spread throughout the county, some considered the most beautiful and challenging in Portugal, for those who like to venture. Get ready for more than 50 km of paths, paths, paths and roads, which integrate 60 points of interest dispersed by the parishes of the county.

Discover the typical gastronomy, local traditions, human, natural and cultural heritage. From Serra to Pateira, from the Granite Villages to the City, there are many attractions and places that are worthy of your visit.

``Good Table and Good Sparkling``

Visit Águeda and awaken your senses with an accurate supply of typical dishes, which will make your experience here even more pleasant.

The gastronomy of Aguedense is rich and diversified, where the Leitão da Bairrada and Pastéis de Águeda share the protagonism, accompanied by the excellent wines and sparkling wines of the Region, whose discovery is admirable and its variety incurs a slow and pleasant tasting that remain in the memory.

An excellent pretext for visiting Águeda and accompanying any itinerary.